Linux Vs Windows: Which Operating System is the best?

Linux Vs Windows: Which Operating System is the best?

As of now, Linux and windows are the most reputable operating systems in the market today. However, the two OSs usually differ from one another in terms of their costs, pros and cons, purposes, and functionality.

Linus vs windows is a term that has always come up whenever the supremacy of OS becomes an issue. Before deciding to purchase a computer system, it is vital to do due diligence to know the specifications you need.

Price & licensing

Linux comes with a wide range of utilities and libraries that are free to use. Also, if you want to make any medication, the OS is open-source, and you can do any medication you like. On the flip side, Microsoft Windows is distributed under Microsoft License and doesn’t offer the source code to users. For a standard operating system version, you can pay between $70 and $200.

Command Line

Well, for Linux, its command line provides a lot of features for both daily tasks and administration. However, it offers less to end users. On the other end Windows command line, users only need to click on the Dialog box, type Run, and press enter.

System Update

For Linux, users have full control of any update they want to make at any time. Also, the process of updating or installing new features doesn’t require any reboot of the OS. However, on the other end, Windows is usually well known for inconsistent updates that keep popping up at the bottom right of the screen.

Ease of Use

Linux, with its dynamism, comes with excellent usability that has been dependable for many years. Linux is quite simple to install, and the setup process is seamless. On the other end, Windows usually comes when it is already installed on many devices because it has dominated the market.


Because Linux has created a large user base worldwide, it provides great online support to all its users. Think of the many forums, support websites, and question boards where any Linux community can get help with any query they may have regarding Linux. Windows is also supported by online help websites, forums, and websites dedicated to offering support. Aside from that, there are tons of books and videos present online.


Linux is an open-source OS that is also seamless to modify. With a user having code knowledge, you can easily change the code and change the OS. Customizing Windows OS isn’t easy, and it offers only some small modifications.


Linux is indeed faster than Windows OS. When a wide range of processes is being sued at similar times, Linux has the capability to minimize “bogging.” And to ensure the device is efficient, Ext4, which is a Linux file system, does a great job. What’s more, with Linux, things like defragmentation are a story of the past. On the other end, Windows ought to be operated well; otherwise, its normal users cannot halt it from slowing to agonizing and intolerable levels. When you’re using a wide range of processes and memory, disk hogging is always a common behavior.


Linux cases most about the privacy of all of its users. It has a built-in exemplary art encryption utility that offers users a guarantee for better security and minimal disruption from any third-party apps. For Windows, privacy isn’t guaranteed. There are lots of advertisements running on the OS. Worse yet, Windows is pretty aware of what you’re doing using their operating system because they Sync with what is now referred to as OneDrive and also uses Cortana to find behavior analysis.


Linux is secured as compared to Windows OS. Even when there is an issue with the open-source operating system, anyone can be able to get the flaws and do a review about it.

Run Level

Linux has the ability to stop at any run level. However, to fix a problem for Windows, the OS will have to reboot at a known run level three.


If you’re thinking of reliability in operating systems, then Linux will offer you a great choice. Linux is secure and easy to be managed. On the other hand, Windows have many features discontinued, which has impacted its ease of access and user-friendliness, making the OS unreliable.


In the gaming space, Windows has it all as compared to Linux. Again, since windows have a good user interface, it has taken the day when it comes to gaming.

Final Thought

The two OS are good regarding purpose, functionality, and use in their domains. It is upon you to choose your requirements to know the operating system that you want. Hopefully, this article will go a long way in sharpening your knowledge in the operating system space. Linux vs Windows is a difference that is worth knowing before making a choice.